Free Customizable Cheat Sheets

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You’ve heard about our FREE Customizable Cheat Sheets by now. But are you using them to their fullest extent? Check out our How-To video below to see just what you can get out of our Customizable Cheat Sheets! Why spend $20 for a website subscription or a magazine when you…

Commissioner Tools – New Fantasy Football Playoff Formats


Want to spice up your fantasy league? Why not try a new playoff format! Too often we see a “bad beat” result in a champion team that had no business winning the coveted trophy. With some of our new playoff format options, maybe you can make your league more legitimate…

Analyze Your Fantasy Football Draft

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You just had one of the best drafts in your fantasy football career. Then BOOM! Your draft host comes out with the post-draft rankings. C+. C+? You’ll shoot your eye out…. Okay, enough of A Christmas Story. But seriously, how is that draft a C+? Well, the algorithms that these…

2015 Fantasy Football Draft Results

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We had the 360 Sports Network Fantasy Football draft last week, and man was it a doozy of a draft! We analyze the top teams, critique our best and worst picks, and discuss strategies in our latest podcast.

Defense – Fantasy Football Position Rankings 2015

Defense/special teams position is a highly debated position fantasy football. There is no more diverse set of strategies for a position than there are for the defense.   When do you take Seattle? “The Saint” decided to be devilish and take Seattle’s defense in the 5th round in the 3SN…

Kickers – Fantasy Football Position Rankings 2015

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The kicker position is one of the most debated positions in fantasy football, and in fact many leagues are starting to do without the kicker position at all!  Many people, rightfully so, ignore the kicking position because of the lack of value at the position. However, there is still a…

Wide Receivers – Fantasy Football Position Rankings 2015

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Wide receivers are now the most prominent position in fantasy football. Studs at the top, sleepers at the bottom, tons of quality in between. So how do you best utilize WRs in your fantasy draft? We rank our top 20 wideouts for the season and see what is the best…

IndyCar Needs Modified Safety Car


The Verizon IndyCar Series is having by far the greatest season since the CART/IRL split in the mid 1990s. On July 18th, the series had one of the greatest attendance numbers in the past fifteen years at the Iowa Corn 300. The following week, the Honda Indy 200 at Mid-Ohio shattered…

NFL – National Fighting League

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FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! With all of the altercations, scrums, fights, and arguments across the National Football League, you would think we were watching the hallways of a high school. But no, it’s GROWN MEN who are making headlines on almost a daily basis. The 2015 preseason is going crazy…

Tight Ends – Fantasy Football Position Rankings 2015

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The tight end position might be the MOST IMPORTANT position in fantasy football if you draft it correctly.  The Mad Scientist himself exclaimed that, and we sure backed it up with our analysis of the position in our latest podcast of the 2015 Position Rankings Series. Rob Gronkowski is the…

Running Backs – 2015 Fantasy Football Position Rankings

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Are running backs still the most important position in fantasy football? That’s still to be debated, but what we will focus on in today’s podcast is ranking those RBs for the 2015 Fantasy Football season. We look at the studs, the duds, the sleepers, and the Rumplestiltskins of this year’s…